At Cherry Blossom we believe that it is our duty to provide a wide variety of wholesome nutritious food to the children in our care.

All food is prepared daily on the premises with fresh produce in accordance with HAACP systems recommend by the local Health Board.

Our staff receive on-going food preparation and nutrition training from the Local Health Board, NCNA and Dublin Institute of Technology to ensure that if "we are what we eat", Cherry Blossom kids will be strong and healthy. Nutrition is vital to maintaining your child's concentration in order to provide them with the optimum opportunity to learn and develop at this young age.

Children receive cereal in the morning. Lunch is varied from day to day, from pasta bolognaise, beef stew, chicken casserole, chicken risotto and occasionally a Friday Treat of Chips & Burgers! Yes, that’s right, we give kids chips and burgers and we’re proud of it! However, these are not the same variety you’ll find at an American Fast Food restaurant.

These burgers are prepared on the premises from organic beef while the chips are cut in the kitchen from real potatoes and oven baked with a light coating of olive oil. Our Daily Menu board is the envy of many of our parents!

Sandwiches or wraps are provided in the afternoon.
Juice drinks are provided at all meals and on demand by the children.